Prep-Year 2 (Early years)


St Monica’s Prep provides opportunities for children to make the transition from the naturalistic learning environment of home to the necessarily more formal learning environment of school.

The learning experiences which best suit children at this age are based on constructive and meaningful play activities. This aspect of early education is encouraged so that each child’s spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive and language growth is allowed to develop.

It is the developmental needs and capabilities of each child that determines their progress through school. Therefore the move towards formal learning situations throughout the early years (P-2) will be determined by the needs of each child.

We are focussed on supporting your child to build a foundation of...

  • gross and fine motor development ​
  • expressive language (oracy) ​
  • social interaction skills ​
  • a love of learning. ​

How do we help them build these foundations?

  • structured gross and fine motor activities ​
  • mouth exercises and have increased exposure to vocabulary, and conversational skills ​
  • organised games to build team skills and collaboration​
  • learning Australian Curriculum through structured play ​
  • explicit teaching of phonics, onset and rime, sight words and decoding skills to develop reading skills​
  • letter formation,  boundary punctuation, simple sentences
  • developing curiosity, problem-solving and reasoning skills in Mathematics to understand concepts of number, counting, comparing and ordering, addition, sharing, patterning, measurement, shape, position, and collecting data
  • meeting the students where they are at developmentally ​
  • build on successes ​